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Our bolt categories include, but are not limited to, hexagon bolts, hexagon flange bolts, square head bolts, round head bolts, countersunk head bolts, T-bolts, U-bolts, hub bolts, torx head bolts and more. It is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, construction engineering and so on. At the same time, we also provide non-standard product customization services, design and manufacture the bolt products you need according to the needs of customers.
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Jiaxing Taigor Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taigor) was established in 1986, is a Auto Parts Bolts suppliers and Auto Parts Bolts company, initially providing molds for the standard parts industry. Over the past 30 years, through close contact with customers, internal R&D and testing, Taigor has accumulated rich experience and technology while providing products and services to customers.
30 years of successful experience
Established in 1986
Entered the professional field of nut punch in 1996
In 2002, its own factory was established and CNC was introduced
In 2005, the slow wire processing center was introduced
In 2009, 4-axis machining center
In 2015, the automatic grinding machine was introduced
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Product Knowledge

U-bolts are a type of fastener that have a U-shaped profile with threaded ends and are used to secure or clamp objects to a round or cylindrical surface. They are commonly used for various applications, including securing pipes, cables, rods, and other items to support structures or vehicle frames. Here are some key aspects and common applications of U-bolts:
Key Features:
U-Shaped Design: U-bolts have a characteristic U-shaped design with threaded ends on each leg of the U. This design allows them to wrap around a cylindrical or round object and secure it in place.
Threaded Ends: U-bolts have threaded ends on both legs, typically with nuts that can be tightened to secure the U-bolt in place.
Materials: U-bolts are commonly made from various materials, including steel, stainless steel, and other alloys, to suit the specific application's requirements.
Coatings: Depending on the application and environmental conditions, U-bolts may be coated or plated to enhance their corrosion resistance.
Common Applications:
Pipe Support: U-bolts are frequently used to secure pipes and conduits to beams, walls, or other structures. They provide a stable and secure means of attaching and supporting piping systems in industrial and construction settings.
Vehicle Suspension: In the automotive industry, U-bolts are used to secure leaf springs and suspension components to the vehicle's frame. They play a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's stability and handling.
Marine Applications: U-bolts are used on boats and ships to secure various components, including handrails, cleats, and other equipment to the vessel's deck or structure.
Electrical and Cable Management: U-bolts can be used to secure electrical cables, wires, and conduits to support structures, like utility poles or walls.
Fencing and Gate Posts: In construction and agriculture, U-bolts are used to attach gate posts and fencing components to create secure and durable fences.
Antenna Mounting: U-bolts are often employed to secure antennas, satellite dishes, and similar equipment to masts or mounting brackets.
Custom Fabrication: U-bolts can be used in various custom fabrication projects, such as creating brackets and clamps for specific needs.
When selecting U-bolts for a specific application, it's essential to consider factors like the size and diameter of the object being secured, the load or weight it needs to support, and the environmental conditions it will be exposed to. Proper installation and tightening of the nuts are crucial to ensure a secure and stable connection.