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Bolts DM6A4728

Bolts DM6A4728

Our bolt categories include, but are not limited to, hexagon bolts, hexagon flange bolts, square head bolts, round head bolts, countersunk head bolts, T-bolts, U-bolts, hub bolts, torx head bolts and more. It is mainly used in automobile manufacturing, construction engineering and so on. At the same time, we also provide non-standard product customization services, design and manufacture the bolt products you need according to the needs of customers.
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Jiaxing Taigor Machinery Co., Ltd. (Taigor) was established in 1986, is a Bolts DM6A4728 suppliers and Bolts DM6A4728 company, initially providing molds for the standard parts industry. Over the past 30 years, through close contact with customers, internal R&D and testing, Taigor has accumulated rich experience and technology while providing products and services to customers.
30 years of successful experience
Established in 1986
Entered the professional field of nut punch in 1996
In 2002, its own factory was established and CNC was introduced
In 2005, the slow wire processing center was introduced
In 2009, 4-axis machining center
In 2015, the automatic grinding machine was introduced
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Product Knowledge

Round head bolts also known as round head screws or round head machine screws, are a type of fastener that have a rounded, dome-shaped head. The head is typically smooth or slightly domed, with a flat or slotted drive for turning the bolt into place.
Rounded head: The rounded shape of the head provides a smooth, finished appearance and minimizes the risk of snagging or catching on objects.
Flat or slotted drive: Round head bolts can have a flat or slotted drive, allowing them to be fastened using a flat-head or slotted screwdriver.
Machine screw threads: Round head bolts typically have machine screw threads, which are designed for use in tapped holes or with threaded nuts.
T-bolts are specialized fasteners used in a variety of applications, primarily in situations where a strong and secure connection is needed. These bolts are called "T-bolts" because of their T-shaped heads, which make them suitable for specific uses. Here are some common applications of T-bolts:
T-slot and T-track systems: T-bolts are commonly used in T-slot and T-track systems, which are found in various industrial and woodworking applications. These systems provide a convenient way to secure and adjust fixtures, clamps, and accessories to a base structure, such as workbenches, machine tables, or assembly lines. The T-bolts slide into the T-slots, and the T-shaped head prevents them from rotating, ensuring a secure connection.
Machine tool fixtures: In machining and manufacturing, T-bolts are often used to secure workpieces or fixtures to the table of milling machines, lathes, and other machine tools. The T-slot arrangement allows for easy repositioning and adjustment of the fixtures.
Clamping and fastening: T-bolts are used in various clamping and fastening applications, especially in situations where a strong and reliable connection is essential. This includes securing heavy machinery components, jigs, and assemblies.
Workholding and woodworking jigs: In woodworking, T-bolts are commonly used to build jigs and fixtures for holding and guiding workpieces during cutting, routing, and other operations. The T-shaped head allows for precise and secure positioning.
Industrial automation and assembly: T-bolts are employed in assembly lines and automation systems to secure various components, sensors, and tooling. They allow for quick adjustments and provide a secure attachment.
Automotive and aerospace applications: T-bolts are used in vehicle manufacturing and aerospace industries for assembling components, fixtures, and jigs. They ensure that parts are securely held in place during fabrication and assembly processes.
DIY projects: T-bolts are sometimes used in DIY projects, such as building custom workbenches, assembly tables, and clamping systems. They provide flexibility and strength for creating custom fixtures and setups.
3D printing: T-bolts can be used in 3D printing for securing build plates or holding other components in place during the printing process. The T-slot system allows for easy adjustment and repositioning as needed.
T-bolts come in various sizes and materials, allowing them to be adapted to specific applications. The choice of T-bolt and T-slot system will depend on the specific requirements of the project or application.